Pregnancy and Stretch Mark FAQs

Pregnancy makes a married woman complete but it is also something that could ruin a woman’s physical appearance.

This is because pregnancy comes with increased weight, breakouts, cellulite and worst, stretch marks. Stretch mark in pregnancy is definitely a common concern but something that most experts have something to share with.

Women should not be discouraged about having to suffer different changes brought about by pregnancy because there are tons of remedies that women could check out.

Here are some FAQ’s about stretch mark:

  • What causes stretch marks?

90% of women who are pregnant are most likely to suffer from stretch mark the moment the tummy gets bigger. This is already apparent during the first trimester of pregnancy.

This is because of the growth spurt of the tummy which is why marks become a lot more visible. The thing is, the skin suffers from rapid stretching which then results to grayish, whitish and reddish appearance on the tummy area.

  • Can stretch marks be prevented?

It may be a sad truth but stretch marks cannot be prevented. Stretch marks occur when there is a sudden weight change or weight loss and in pregnancy, this is definitely something that could not be stopped.

The only way for women to avoid this to happen is to avoid sudden weight change.

  • What products could help get rid of stretch marks?

There are actually tons of products to choose from. Amongst the popular ones are moisturizers and lotions that contain all natural or organic ingredients.

Cocoa Butter, Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, Almond Oil are just few of the ingredients which are known to help a lot in minimizing the ugly signs of stretch marks.

  • Can diet help get rid of stretch marks?

Diet plays an important role in preventing stretch marks. A good and healthy diet makes it impossible to let stretch marks come into the picture.

eating fruitsThis simply means that people should start eating healthy. Fruits and vegetables should be considered more often and fatty foods should be avoided since it could contribute to calories that are known to be the reason why women suffer from stretch marks.

Pregnant women should consult their doctors and ask for the best diet plans so as to avoid stretch marks and most importantly, to have the best nutrition to keep the baby strong inside their tummy.

  • Can pregnant women do exercise routines to prevent stretch marks?

Pregnant women are encouraged to do some exercise routines not only to prevent them from having stretch marks but also to ensure that they would not have a hard time delivering the baby.

A simple brisk walking, swimming and some squats could help women avoid having stretch marks and best of all, this could be their ticket to deliver their babies normally.

These are some of the FAQ’s that are related to pregnancy and stretch mark.

These things are helpful especially to anxious pregnant women who do not wish to have some marks brought about by their pregnancy. Check these things out and say goodbye to stretch marks.

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