Acne: The Best Tips For Oily Skin Treatment

There are different factors that cause acne. There is no doubt that acne can affect any person of any age or gender.

Relatively, acne is a disease that affects the oil glands of your skin. It is commonly apparent when you reach your teenage years.

During the time that you are affected by acne, the glands in your skin are stimulated by male hormones. However, no matter how acne affects your skin, it can still leave scars.

It is not good to have an oily and acne skin at the same because aside from having acne, you may even accumulate more dirt easily, which results to other problems.

There are various tips for you to take care of your oily skin while you reduce acne.

To give you few, here are the following:

  • Wash and clean your face.

It is much better if you wash your face twice a day. This is to avoid the building of more oil in your skin. One good routine is to take care of your oily skin during the morning and night.

Plus, there must be no exceptions regarding the routine. It is much better if you also practice cleansing your face after you sweat like after working out.

However, never practice over cleansing. It will not help, but only irritate your skin. If you want an effective cleanser, you should choose a foaming cleanser. Foaming cleansers are better since they can leave your skin clean and fresh.

  • Oil-free and water based options.

If you don’t want to put more oil in your skin, there is nothing better than applying products that are oil-free. Moreover, make it possible to apply this thinking in selecting a sunscreen, moisturizers, and even makeup.

You also have to use water-based acne treatments for better management of your acne. Lighter choices for you are gels and solutions.

  • Astringent

AstringentAstringents are also helpful in controlling oil in your skin. If you want a good option, toners are best used for oily skin types.

There are helpful astringents available with hydroxyl acids and salicylic acids, which help clear out your pimples and acne.

  • Never scrub.

Irritating the skin can even trigger more pimples or acnes. As much as possible, you avoid scrubbing your skin and practice gentle treatment.

Scrubbing will not help cleanse the pores deeply and reduce acne or oiliness of your skin. Number one rule is to never irritate your skin.

  • Evaluate your pores.

Do not always focus on shrinking your pores to avoid acne. Instead, you should always focus on medications that help reduce acne.

By clearing the acne from your skin, you can already shrink your pores as well. The medications can even help you have improved look.

The above tips are certainly effective and must be practiced all the time. This is to ensure that you will no longer have to complain about pair of problems, which are oily skin and acne.

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